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About OluO

OluO is Online E-Commerce Platform for Selling Groceries, Vegetables, Lifestyle, Gadgets, Electronics Appliances etc. like products which is only Made in India and also provide support to farmers for Organic Farming. OluO have two public components in which One is User Components through which user can register on our app and Buy the Products from OluO. Whereas other component is OluO-Partner, It is by specially sellers to Register and Sell their Products. OluO is Developed under considering following scenarios:

  1. Break the Bias between Farmers and Other People.
  2. Minimize the utilization of Chemical Farming Products.
  3. Provide the Platform for those small businesses who not effort Marketting due to their effort to creating Product wastage.
  4. Handcrafted Products is Our priority because India is known for best and Beautiful Handcrafting.
  5. We provide instant pricing for farmers.
  6. We take each and every delivery products reviewed by Users. For Improving Partners Quality.
  7. Data of Users and Partners are encypted with OluO Security Team.
  8. We doesn't sell or send any data to Other flatform specially Out of India
  9. We ensures all Security of Products, Money and Value of Time.
  10. We Deliver product as fast as possible.
  11. Believe in self dependency so we not only promote Made In India Products but we adopt it.

OluO Maintain your Security, Your Privacy and You get What you Pay for. We have wornderful Technical Team which helps you to sortout your issues within hours. OluO Develops a link between Seller and Buyer. We are who to decide what i give and what i get. OluO Clearly decribed you all things openly we are not hiding from User or Partners about us, Our Privacy and What we do?. Our Behaviour with customers always be polite any fraud,fake product sell or buy issues etc. types issues are not accepted on OluO. Priority always be Indian Products, Indian Sellers and Only and Only we provide Ad free, tracking free, and simple lighr weighted application which not full your memory spaces. You are not paying to us but directly Paying to Farmers and Buying Fresh, Natural and Organic Products. OluO have to believe and block to sell Nature unfriendly, Harmful for Nature,People and Child products.

About Company Behind OluO

1. Spende IT Solution Private Limited Company

SPENDE IT SOLUTION PVT. LTD. CO. is Private Limited Company of Gurgaon Who Provide OluO as PaaS. This Organisation Provide PaaS(Platform as a Service) to develop different Projects for Indian People to make Independent from Foreign Technologies. Continuously Working on their work and idea to Develop a New Future. OluO is Project of Spende IT Solution and All Rights Reserved here. Spende Provides OluO to legal work in India.

2. VIKSHRO Team or Freelancing Team

VIKSHRO is Team who developed all technical infrastructure of OluO. With Spende IT solution Company VIKSHRO as Freelancing Team Handling all Technical developments, ensuring all Securities of data, Maintaining OluO Server and Developing the Served. Spende and VIKSHRO Both Working with same effort in different field of OluO to make it best.

OluO Wallet And Pricing

OluO Wallet is PREPAID Wallet which is use for ordering and earning money. OluO Order only Placed by using OluO Wallet. OluO Wallet save and Secure your money with us. Each and Every product value are measure in according OluO Wallet. ₹ 1/- of OluO Wallet is equal to INR ₹ 1/- with all OluO Products. Wallet is Recharged with Online Payment Service*. Minimum Recharge Value of OluO is ₹100 and Withdraw Value is ₹ 500. Withdraw by user from wallet to Bank Account or UPI charged 10% as Convinence Fee with 18% of GST under Spende IT Solution. Due to RBI Guidlines we Charge from PREPAID to BANK as Exchange rate. But OluO Partner have Relief in Convinence Fee as Per their KYC and Selling Rate, Provided during or After Registration a Agreement with OluO to ensure security of Both.

Currently OluO Wallet Recharge Available From Razorpay who Charge 3% of Transaction Charge to recharge wallet as you Want. But OluO Releif your Extra Taxes and Platform charge for this reason. OluO Currently not charged any Delivery Charge and Platform Charge (2.5%) as you can buy anything in minimum price.